For over a decade, Rovenet Technology Services (RTS), a small and agile software development company based on Long Island NY, has been building mobile application capabilities that have been used by corporations worldwide.  These companies have ranged from small businesses to through the deployment of systems for thousands of users in multiple locations across the enterprise. 

The Rovenet Technology Services Mobile Platform (RTSMP) is a suite of systems and methods that can be quickly integrated into projects and products across a variety of hardware platforms.   They are focused around what we have termed the “1st Quarter Mile of Computerization”, the data collection and access needs of mobile field forces.  Through the use of the RTSMP, clients can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their businesses through the deployment of mobile applications on handheld wireless computers.

RTSMP is a capabilities suite rather than a singular product.  It has been designed to help fast track the development of singularly functional mobile applications for clients that meet very specific, very individual business requirements.  Our experience has been that there is a high degree of variability between the field service operations of many corporations that make it very difficult to deliver “off the shelf” programs or apps.  Rather than forcing field services personnel into a limited range of predefined operations it is often possible and more advantageous to built individualized systems.  Utilizing RTSMP the Rovenet Team can deliver systems quickly and cost effectively.

Rovenet is staffed by a team of professionals in mobile software design, systems programming, wireless communications and project management.  Each member of the Rovenet team has decades of real world experience in a variety of critical vertical markets. 

This level of experience and maturity will ensure that your company's projects will be delivered working right, on time and on budget.