Experience. Business savvy.  Corporate understanding.  Depth of knowledge.  Teamwork.
  This is what the Rovenet team has provided corporate clients since 2001.  
On budget and on time.   Real integrated enterprise level mobile business solutions.


Below is a list of some of the projects that our team has provided to clients:




  • Project Management and Software Design of  Pen  Based  Soil  Sampling  System,  Hanford  Nuclear  Reservation,    Westinghouse  Hanford  Company, Richland, Washington
  • Project Management and  Software Design for Tank Farm Inspection System  for Citgo Petroleum, Linden, New Jersey
  • Consultant for Pen Based Computerization Pilot Study - E.G. and G.  Florida, Kennedy Space Center, Florida
  • Consultant for Wireless Pen Computer Based Railway Yard Management System for C.P. Rail Company, Toronto Canada
  • Software Development, Software Architect, Project Management  and Implementation Consultant for Handheld Computer Based Package Delivery System for DHL Worldwide Carriers, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
  • Consultant for Handheld Computer Delivery Tracking System for Pitney Bowes Corporation, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Consultant and Software Development for Handheld Computer Based Delivery System for General Electric Appliance, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Consultant and Software Development for Handheld Computer Based Store Conversion System for Ace Hardware Inc., Oak Brook Illinois
  • Project Management of Disaster Recovery Assessment System for US Aid in conjunction with International Resources Group, Washington, DC.
  • Project Management of Sales and marketing tracking system for Rogers Wireless, Toronto, Ontario

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